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Total Production : 515 H/O - This car is #45.

Of the 515, 153 had A/C - This is one of them.

Total Mileage: 93,066.

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95% Original. This '69 Hurst/Olds is Cameo white with Firefrost gold stripes and features "mailbox" hood scoops unique to the 1969 H/O. Some of the options: Rally Suspension, Dual Exhaust, Rocket 455, 4 bbl, 400 HP, Hurst Dual Gate Shifter, Power front disc brakes, Turbo 400 Transmission (OH code).

Total Production : 912 H/O - This car is #367.

Mileage: 62,811 original.


After a tragic accident caused major auto manufacturers to be reluctant to develop the pace car for the 1972 Indy race, Hurst Performance stepped up and developed the '72 Hurst/Olds, instead of Oldsmobile. It was the first and last time an Indy pace car was not sponsored by an auto manufacturer.

Total Production : 130 Convertibles, 220 Hardtop with sunroof, 279 hardtop cars.

Mileage: 3,996.


Mileage: 20,246.

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Mileage: Approx 59,000.

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Our Newest Addition, this February!


The Hurst Olds You Couldn't Buy. Main modifications on this prototype were done by Hurst Performance. The car is accompanied by much of the documentation of the engineers as they developed the car. This H/O was never produced due to the overwhelming demand for Oldsmobile Cutlasses that year.

Mileage: 44,811 original.

Some of the features of the '77 Prototype:

  • T-top style hatch tops, front and rear spoiler, special reclining bucket seats.
  • Turbo-400 GM transmission (re-established after being discontinued) and Hurst Auto Shifter II.
  • W31 cam in the engine, which has 0.030 more lift and about 20 degrees more duration.
  • Used a Quadrajet carberator with "marine calibration".
  • Valve springs are higher rated to keep from floating the valves from the new camshaft.
  • Used a marine distributor. It has more advance and the advance comes in quicker.


One of each! Uses the L34 Oldsmobile 5.7L V8 engine, with a Hurst Dual Gate shifter standard.

Mileage on White: 9,316.

Mileage on Black: 13,797.

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Mileage: 96 original - Lowest mileage car in the Hurst Husslers Fleet! The original owner (a dealer) put only 20 miles on the car, and the next owner put on only 76.

84 Hurst Olds
84 Hurst Olds

Also featured the Oldsmobile 5.0 L LV2 V8 engine, the RWD Supreme body, and the Hurst Lightning Rod floor shifter. Last year that H/O's were made.

Mileage: 5,300 We've been taking this one for a few rides!

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