From HOCA website:

That may have been a factor in bringing the H/O back for '84. The paint scheme was reversed, with silver being the main body color, and black on the rocker panels. In every other respect, the '84 was identical to the '83.

From FAQ:

  • Look for option code W-40 (H/O) and W-42 (442) on the build sheet or the service sticker (in trunk lid).
  • Sometimes (and I say this because they DIDN'T always put them on) there is a little cowl tag on under the hood. This will also have the W-42 option listed on it. The Arlington assembly plant said that if they had them when the car was built, they put them on, but if not, oh well. That's because they were wanting to go strictly with the trunk lid mounted service sticker.
  • It better have the dual snorkel intake with a chrome lid.
  • Also, check the transmission code "OZ"on the passenger side of the tranny.
  • This item is indigenous ONLY to the 1983 to 1987 Hurst/442. Look for a "kickdown" switch above the gas pedal. This looks like the old Turbo 400 passing gear detent switch with a little slide switch activated at full throttle. This is actually the full throttle A/C compressor clutch cutout switch. It cuts out the A/C clutch when it's mashed to the floor.
  • Also, check to see if the tire pressure sticker is still on the driver's door, it will list 215/65/15 as the tire size, again, ONLY on the Hurst/442 in those years.

From the '84 H/O brochure, here's the parts numbers for the engine:

Long Duration cam shaft22519934
High Rate Valve springs22510372
Harmonic Balancer417142
Rochester 4MV carb17083553
Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner Assy.25042690
Intermediate Exhaust Pipe22516113
Muffler and Tailpipe Right22526204
Muffler and Tailpipe Left22526205

The total number built is unknown. 3500 or less than 3000 were built. Color available was black with silver. Last Hurst/Olds to be produced. Lightening rod shifters.

Engine Specs: Rocket 307.


Rear Axles:

Performance Data:
No data.

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