Indy Decals were available to all H/O owners. Available in Cameo White or Ebony Black. As I recall, aside from the engines, both versions were quite similar if not identical.

A total of 1995 were built, breaking down as follows:

  • 1800 Regular Hurst/Olds
  • 2 Actual Indy Pace Cars Convertibles
  • 100 Indy Pace Car Replica Convertibles
  • 1 Special built Cutlass Salon Sedan
  • 92 H/O 88 Convertible

Engine Specs:

W-30 option was the Rocket 455 (and TH-400 trans), while the W-25 option was the Rocket 350 (and the TH-350 trans). While the cars with the 455 carried the familiar "W-30" decals, those with the 350 had a "W-25" decal.


TH-400 (with option W-30), or TH-350 (with option W-25).

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